A peaceful VR game about gardening.

This project was realized in the summer of 2018.
The team consists of 6 people, I was responsible for Gameplay Programming,
Game System Design and Producing.

Target Group

Since the VR Market is quite small and full of enthusiasts, niche experiments like this game appeal to the highly interested Headset owners. Commercialization of this project is still quite unlikely, therefore the target group can be seen as the entire VR community.


A placement on Steam for free could draw some players to this game. A free download seems to be very appropriate because of the experimental nature of this game.



In their VR Space, the player can build a garden, made up of VR-Space sized parcels. They interact with different plants, vegetables, fruits and tools. By performing a wide range of motions and combining items, the Player can cultivate their plants to create a splendid environment.

To obtain new plants and tools with which the garden can be built in more diverse ways, the Player has to exploit their plants and is able to trade them for other goods. These goods can be new fruits, tools, upgrades, machines for refining, cosmetics for the garden and the like.



This was my first 6-person project. Work in a larger team has proven to be more specialized. Communication is a lot harder, meetings take longer, and vision keeping is even more essential. The raw production power of a big team allows for much faster content creation, resulting in huge, fast jumps of progress.

I think I learned alot about working in a bigger team.



  • VR Interaction/UX Design
  • VR Locomotion/Space Management
  • Node-based Shader Editing




2018-06-21 22_27_42-Unity 2018.2.0b2 Personal (64bit) - 011_GameplayTest - Finn Aktuell.unity - Proj.png
Earlier Prototype
Trader Character
Tool Actions