Reinhold Geissbichler

an Action-Adventure Character Design.

This project consists of two parts, the maquette (figurine) and illustration of the same character.

The maquette was hand-modeled and painted over two months in the winter of 2016, while the illustration was made over the same time-span in the spring and summer of 2017 in parallel to the game project “Ampere”.

In addition to the character maquette, I also finished a companion maquette.

This is considered an exercise in visual development and project management.




“Reinhold Geissbichler” is supposed to be the main character of a a fictional action-adventure game set in a sci-fi Austria. He is accompanied by a robot-quadruped companion named “Backpack”.




This exercise gave me a first experience in time management, research, documentation and presentation – in short, project management. This intuition for production has helped me greatly in my later projects. Since I also developed my visual Design understanding with this project, I was always able to make informed decisions with teammates relating to visual content.




  • Hand-modeling with polycarbonate clay(Sculpey)
  • Character Design
  • Photocollage with Adobe Photoshop




Character Illustration.jpg

Early Sketch
Seitenansicht links

Side-view of the maquette

the maquettes at a university exhibition
  • 2017-06-10_22h04_54.png
    3D Content for Photocollage


Character Color Iteration.jpg
Color Variations
Finished Frontview
Finished Backview