U Rathaus Schöneberg

A modular 3D System to recreate a subway station in Berlin.

This was an exercise in 3D modeling and texturing. I did research parallel to my game project “Cubular”, then produced all assets in about two weeks in early 2018.

This is the first time I have used Autodesk Maya and Substance Painter/Designer as well as the Quixel Suite.




This project aimed to partially recreate a Subway Station with modular assets. I chose the Berlin Subway Station “Rathaus Schöneberg”, which was especially suitable because of its symmetric structure.




What I realized fast during this project was that I could save a lot of modeling time with thorough research. Thats why I was delighted to find parts of the original architectural plans with measurements on a website for train-enthusiats.

I had at least three sessions of measuring and photographing the station, which left me with a lot of reference material to my disposal.

Maya seemed daunting at first, but once I had designed a workflow for myself, I could produce assets one after the other. Having well-made UV-maps would always speed everything up greatly.

After I started texturing with Substance Painter, I quickly started to switch to Quixel very often. Substance was suited for big material surfaces, while Quixel allowed for very exact details, like text.

I then assembled the assets in Unity, where I found great interest in lightmap baking and post-processing.



  • Reference Photography/Measuring
  • Hard-Surface Modeling with Autodesk Maya
  • PBR Texturing with Substance and Quixel
  • Unity Lightmapper & Reflection Probes, Post-Processing
  • Workflow Design




reference photo




2018-06-19 11_03_19-3DTechnikDokumentation - Google Docs
historic plans


Screenshot 1.png
Screenshot 2.png
All parts used



2018-06-23 19_23_25-Window
model of a ticket stamper
photo of a stamper













2018-06-23 19_05_58-Window
model of an emergency column
photo of the emergency column