A two-Player competitive boardgame.

This is a personal project that started out as an experiment.
I have been working on this game as a hobby since 2014, but the good receptions of players everywhere have prompted me to professionalize a prototype for possible publishing.

I am developing a product- and packaging-design for the game right now to send to a publisher. Everything is WIP.

At this point, I am experimenting with laser engraving for the figures, to communicate their features better.

Target Group

Since this is a very abstract, thoughtful game, players that like strategy games will like this as well. The comparison to chess is, even though having very little mechanical similarities, a selling point.


Most big boardgame publishers in germany do not publish two-player only games, with the exception of Kosmos. Many smaller publishers have specialized in abstract, minimalist games before, some middle-sized publishers have also had very succesful abstract series, in which this game would fit.


In this game, figures can move depending on their strength – fast units are always weak, strong units are always slow. Luckily, you can change their state with just a simple dice throw.

The player to first beat the opponents king wins.




Since I was very young when I started this project, I have learned many things with it, mainly concerning testing. The workflow of letting players play, what to ask them, when and if to correct them when they have misunderstood the rules and how to write rules.

The biggest part may be the enormous motivation I still carry from when this game and its intricate parts first came to life and I saw players having fun with my creation. These first moments are important to me, because it cemented my fascination for game systems and their emergent properties until today.




  • Testing
  • Writing concise rules
  • Strategic board game mechanics




Gameplay 2017

early prototype
Presentation at SCHMIEDE16 Hallein Media Art Festival
fan-made set
würfelschach 3.jpg
Current laser-engraved prototype
Laser-engraved Symbols
Miniature Packaging Concept


cubechess pocket rules